martedì 30 novembre 2010

Monday and the Flowers

Yesterday I was wearing a H&M dress that I bought 2 month ago...Ithink that the floral print is fantastic....I love the colours are so warm...I had some doubt for the was to heavy and I put the Gray one...but I would like to try with a bordeaux...What do you think???


The Must of any Winter is the Fur...I dont agree with real fur, I like the faux one ...Today faux fur are like the real one! Anyway we can find fur for shoes, collar at the bottom hem...every winter...and now a little selection of fur photos...if you have some fur accessories please send me and i will publish on my blog!!
Source: Irene Closet

Source: Denimology

Source: 5 inch and up

Best Hair

I love her Hair and her band is so perfect..Why mine is not like this??

Disco Look

What do you think about a fucsia animalier Print? I think is perfect for a disco night out...It's so cool so Rock so Glam..and it remind me the Misfits of the Jem and the Holograms cartoon...

Source Elle Girl Russia


I love this photos, not also for the jewel, but because there are so chic...!! I love her make up and her hair!! She is Perfect...

Source Madame Figaro November 2010



Hello Girls,
Right Now is my Birthday...26 years!!! I'm aging...
Would you give me a present? 
Please follow me on bloglovin and tell your friend!!!
I hope This Blog is interesting and funny if it will grown up We can do a lot of thing together ...Because the blog must be something to share with the other , and also my followers have to share something with me...
I have a lot of ideas, contest, giveaway...but now we are not many people....!!
So my desire is to grown up my followers as soon as possible...
In only 1 week I've done 1.210 visits and 73 post...!!!
Thank you to spare your time with me!
PS= Sorry if my english is not so perferct!!! 

lunedì 29 novembre 2010

Enrique Iglesias - Heartbeat ft. Nicole Scherzinger

I Think is The most beautiful song of 2010...Is so Sexy and it make me feel good!!
I Love it!!! Is perfect for the last day of the year!!
And What is Your best song of 2010??

I love katy

US Weekly 29-11-2010
Source: Us Weekly 29-11-2010

Make Up: Orange+Lilla

Source Elle Girl Russia


Source Public N 384

Mix the Gray

I've found this Look in Elle Girl Russia and there are really cool .
The first one I like is the mix with the mini trench beige with the gray pant ..they look so good toghether and they are perfect for a City Look..
The second one I like it is the leather Jacket with the maxy fur collar (I hope it is a Faux fur!!) It is so Glam with the maxy skirt.
What do you think about?

Source Elle Girl Russia December 2010

domenica 28 novembre 2010

Always Shoes ...There are my Passion and my illness....I'm Shoesaholic!!! There is some party shoes ideas for Christmas time...My Favourites?...The one with the Love written!!

Source You&Your Wedding January 2011

Look Of The Day: THURSDAY

Owl Brooch Fornarina

Jeans Vest Zara - Jeans Shirt H&M- Jeans Fornarina- Owl Necklace H&M

Look of the Day: Friday

T-shirt Over H&M- Shorts H&M

Boots OVS industry


Source Public N 384

Contest Olsenboye City Girl

I don't know why one of my Chictopia photo is selected for these here to see it!!!
If there is someone who can explain me.....But anyway Vote me!!!!


Today in Milan the snow fallen down and I feel the Christmas time so I decide to post this beautiful White photos from You&Your Wedding Magazine...I've not intenction to marry yet, but I like this magazine for the Enjoy...And You how do you Feel?

Source You&Your Wedding January 2011

Hype me

Hype me

Party Look

I love this mini dress...And the colour is so Hot!! But I think is difficult to wear it!
Source Elle Girl Russia


sabato 27 novembre 2010


There is a thing that you should know...I LOVE TATTOO...and I love Pin Up girl and all inked girl..i found them so Sexy and Cool..I post here some photos from the magazine INKED...What do you think?

Source: INKED girl V01
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