sabato 27 novembre 2010


There is a thing that you should know...I LOVE TATTOO...and I love Pin Up girl and all inked girl..i found them so Sexy and Cool..I post here some photos from the magazine INKED...What do you think?

Source: INKED girl V01

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  1. this i want to get tatted up like that...

  2. soooo hot :)))))


  3. Great pics! I'm absolutely in love with tattoos! On the skin of boys or girls doesn't matter if the tatts are good! But these inked girls are looking really hot! Do you know the "suicide girls"? I think there are really pretty inked girls too!

    From Munich With Love
    Angie ->

  4. Hi Angie...of course I know the suicide girls!!! They are so crazy!!!
    I have one tattoo on my back, I've done it to cover up an old tattoo but the cover doesn't made very better and I am in training to do a laser removal ...on 3th december I have the 5th meeting...I hope It will delete!!!


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